Hamburger Schiffsentsorger GmbH (Germany) is a fully-owned subsidiary of ASCALIA Kreislaufwirtschaft GmbH (Germany). Founded following the break-up of ARGE Hamburger Schiffsentsorger in 2005, it is based in Peutestrasse, on the ASCALIA premises.

From the start, the company has focused on the disposal of solid and liquid shipping waste. As part of its MARPOL services, it takes deliverey of slop, bilge and tank-cleaning water, solid waste (oil-contaminated substances, empty containers, domestic waste, etc.) as well as chemicals and other hazardous substances, and treats and recycles them using the very latest technologies. Harbour vessels and barges can be cleanded at the ASCALIA landing stage on the Norderelbe.

Developments due to the constant growth in waste quantities have prompted the company to expand its activities beyond the maritime disposal market in Hamburg Harbour. Since 1 March 2005, disposal activities are now handled by the company´s own vessels, “Hanseslop 1” to “Hanseslop 6”, which deliver waste to ASCALIA. In the shortest time, Hamburger Schiffsentsorger GmbH has become an established leader in the segment and has already established new “stamping grounds” in Bremerhaven, Rostock, Kiel and Lübeck. As quantities of Shipping waste continue to rise, Hamburger Schiffsentsorger GmbH will remain your reliable partner.