Moin, Moin! We are the Hamburger Schiffsentsorger!

And this is our fleet:

Hanseslop I

Hanseslop I (Tugboat) – Loa 20 m, Beam 5,4 m


Truck fleet

Our vehicle fleet transports the ship’s waste directly to the Ascalia disposal facility.


Hanseslop II

Hanseslop II (Pontoon) – Loa 18 m, Beam 5,4 m, Tank volume: 144 cbm


Hanseslop V

Hanseslop V (Tanker) – Loa 33 m, Beam 4,7 m, Tank volume: 128 cbm


We are environmental partner!

Hanseslop VI

Hanseslop VI (Bilgeoil boat) – Loa 25,71 m, Beam 5,39 m, Payload: 116,17 t


Ship disposal to Marpol
Disposal of bilge water, sludge, cargo residues and more.

Waste transport

The waste is transported by tanker or truck.

Ship tank cleaning

We take over the complete cleaning of your ship’s tank.

All-round package

We also dispose of cargo residues or tank washing water.

Highest accessibility

We offer you a 24-hour service.

Great coverage

Our ship disposal in northern German ports.

Recovery facility

All waste is processed further in the ASCALIA disposal facility.

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